Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Zakir Naik: "Every Muslim should be a terrorist."

Banned scholar's texts in Woolwich Library

"Divisive" works by an Islamic scholar barred from the UK because his presence was ruled not conducive to the public good are available at Woolwich Library.

Dr Zakir Naik was banned in 2010 by the Home Secretary, who found his comments amounted to "unacceptable behaviour".
BBC London has now discovered three of his works in a public library. They contain controversial statements on women, Jews and terrorism.
Greenwich Council has defended the decision to stock the books.
The library is about 200m from the spot where Lee Rigby, an army machine gunner who had served in Afghanistan, was killed in May.

 In one of the works, Indian national Dr. Naik states he is "proud to be a fundamentalist".
The book, written in Urdu, reads: 
"Every Muslim should be a terrorist.
"A terrorist is somebody who spreads terror and fear.

"Therefore every Muslim should be a terrorist towards immoral people. Any thief or criminal or person of vice should be terrified when they see a Muslim."

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