Saturday, 10 August 2013

AQUSA Founder and Wanna-Be Jihadi Gets 15 Years

Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair, 25, faces 15 years in prison on terrorism charges, court documents state. 
Abukhdair and his co-defendant Randy "Rasheed" Wilson will be sentenced in December.
According to court documents, Abukhdair said  that the purpose of Islam is to conquer the world with violent means. 

He suggested that he and Wilson could form 
"AQUSA" - al-Qaeda in the USA. 

He proposed seizing hostages in the U.S. and demanding the release of convicted terrorists.
Abukhdair and Wilson eventually decided to fight for Islam in Africa instead, and planned traveling to Mali, where they expected violence to break out. Abukhdair was arrested at an Atlanta bus stop on Dec. 11, 2012, as he prepared to fly to Morocco via Canada.

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