Monday, 26 August 2013

But You Can Leave Your Hat On ... Go Topless Day

I'm not moved by the message of "Go Topless Day", ... and I'm neither for or against it.
What really pisses me off, however,  is when when organizers of a media circus, use the forum to display their personal political bias.

 BTW ... Check out the video to see his nice Jewish = Nazi Hat!

To say the least, it's a very uncomfortable (if not insulting to women) juxtaposition of themes:
... Freedom For Women ... Going Topless
... Extermination of Freedom ... Nazism

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Public Nudity To End Sexual Exploitation

It's a bit like an onion, isn't it? ... You can peel one layer and then another one reveals itself.

The video doesn't show much signage on Women's Rights or Freedom Of Expression, does it?

There is considerable signage for "Chemtrails" though.

Is "Chemtrails" now a Women's Rights Issue?

Seems to me that the "Chemtrails" issue is an Environmental Issue that groups like 
"Idle No More" have been dealing with. ...

I don't know if there is an "Idle No More Connection" to this media event but I did find a mention of a
David Dunsmore to the "Idle No More" Movement.

I wonder if it's the same guy?

Is it just me, or does it seem a bit odd to have the Women's Choice and Enviro-Political themes juxtaposed publicly in the same venue? ... hmmmm?

I sure hope that the motives behind the organizers was pure and honest because, in my mind at least, it would seem more than a bit exploitive to have paraded Bare Breasted Women just so one could raise a Banner for an Enviro-Political movement.

Environmental Movement, Idle No More, and Women's Rights

But You Can Leave Your Hat On

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