Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dhimmi Life: Black Immigrants in Morocco

Background info: Anti-racism organizations have been warning against rising attacks targeting Morocco's Sub-Saharan migrant population. Their number ranges between 15-20,000 people. Most transit through Morocco in the hope of crossing over the Europe, others are attempting to settle down in the Kingdom. Some are legal, most not. The latest attack took place on August 12 when Senegalese national Ismaila Faye was knifed to death by a Moroccan man on, a bus in Rabat. The killing happened during an argument over a bus seat. The alleged culprit was later nabbed by the police. Fifteen days earlier, a Congolese teacher legally working in Morocco's capital Rabat was mistakenly arrested by police forces and thrown off a speeding van as he protested. He died of his injuries... Other reports of violence include rape, beatings and involve both Morocco's police forces and citizens. To find out more about allegations of rising racism, we went to Al-Taqaddoum - a poor neighborhood in Rabat, home to many Sub-Saharan migrants (including the latest victim, Ismaila Faye).

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