Friday, 2 August 2013

Do You Have An Old Wound That Just Won't Heal?

Are you shamed by the look of that old scar and want to do something about it?
Have you tried time and again to get rid of that awful wound that just won't go away?
Today, there are many, many people suffering in shame ... just like you!

Don't give up hope!

Dr Hasan Rouhani has "Great News":

 “The Zionist regime has been a wound on the body of the Islamic world for years and the wound should be removed. 

Outgoing Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made his own anti-Israel comments Friday, in what is thought to be his last public address.

" I will inform you with God as my witness, a devastating storm is on the way that will uproot the basis of Zionism,” ...  Israel “has no place in this region.”

Family Fun For All!

With Lots of Parades, Death Threats, Flag Burnings and throngs of Screaming Islamic Nutbars,
 ... all in all, it was a great "Quds" Day in Iran

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