Friday, 16 August 2013

Favourite Game-Show: Truth or Consequences, Let's Make A Deal, or ... The Stars?

The Eternal Israel - Palestine Negotiation Process Is Really Just Like A Worldwide Game Show, isn't it?
Just Take A Look Around The Globe and Check Out How Different Folks See The Process

In Europe:
Truth Or Consequences

In Israel:
Let's Make A Deal

In "Palestine":
The Stars
On PA TV's weekly game show between competing Palestinian universities, called The Stars, a student demonstrated the success of Palestinian Authority education of children to envision a world in which Israel does not exist.

In response to a question about the size of Jordan, a student from Bethlehem University explained that he used the size of "Palestine" to determine his answer: 

"It [Jordan] is larger than Palestine. Palestine is 27,000 sq. km. and it [Jordan] is approximately 3 times larger than Palestine - i.e., 90,000 sq. km."

The area of the West Bank and Gaza Strip combined is less than 7,000 sq. km. The figure 27,000 sq. km. is the area of all of Israel in addition to the West Bank and Gaza.

The fact that Palestinian students routinely depict a world in which Israel does not exist and its land as part of "Palestine", shows the success of PA education. PA schoolbooks and PA educational TV consistently present a state of "Palestine" that encompasses all of Israel and has an area of 27,000 sq. km. 

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... my opinion?
... I Say That The Real Name Of The Game Show Is:
Family Feud

aka ... 
The Caliphate Is Coming

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