Thursday, 29 August 2013

Halal: To Buy or Not To Buy

Food products can be halal (permissible) without being certified.
A banana for example is halal (permissible) and does not require certification. To be halal certified a product must be inspected carefully and be subject to certain Islamic rituals. (See the “What is Halal” page for more detailed information.) Most importantly, a fee is paid to one of the Islamic certifying organisations for this service. The amount of the fee varies and not all companies choose to display the fact they have paid this fee. Some of these food products have been halal certified but, you the consumer, wouldn’t know about it unless you rang the company and specifically requested the information.
 This website is not concerned with products that are halal approved but rather we are concerned about the products that are halal certified. That is, foods that have undergone the halal certification process where a fee has been paid to an Islamic certifying body. Primarily this means consumers are incurring an Islamic tax under Sharia law.
Some products do display a certifying symbol, and others, like Nestle, do not. So here, at Halal Choices, you will find a list of products that are halal certified. We have also included a list of products that have not undergone the halal certification process.
In our research we have come across companies who have
Halal Choices is here to help consumers make informed decisions in the supermarket. To aid consumers, we have produced a handy pocket guide which is now available for purchase.
provided information freely, some that would not and others who have provided conflicting information. So, to the best of our knowledge and in good faith, we have collated these two lists of products. Halal certification only lasts twelve months and may begin or lapse without our knowledge. Please contact the individual companies if you require more information.

Do you Really want to pay another tax
- an Islamic Religious Tax?

Would you like to make more informed choices regarding the products you buy?

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