Thursday, 29 August 2013

How To Deal With Somali Pirates

In 2010 Somali pirates captured a Russian oil tanker.
The European Union, which patrols these waters, refused to interfere claiming that they feared there could be casualties.
Then Russian Navy Commandos freed the crew & recovered the tanker. This videotape shows what happened after the Russians captured the Somali pirate ship.
The Russian commandos spoke to each other in Russian, but spoke to the pirates in English. The Russians also communicated with what the pirates understand best of all - force & strength.
The anti-piracy laws of the18th & 19th centuries provided that the captain of a ship, which captured pirates, has the right to decide what to do with the pirates. The traditional result was a quick hanging.
Today the United Nations is trying to take jurisdiction over international waters through what they call the "Law fo the Sea Treaty" (LOST).
Apparently the Russians favored the previous law.
They moved the pirates back to their own pirate ship, after searching it for weapons & explosives. Then they left the ship & fired upon it with the pirates on board to it.
They sank the pirate ship and all of the pirates without any United Nations resolutions, court proceedings or lawyers etc.
There was no "collateral damage".

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