Sunday, 25 August 2013

Israeli Whistleblower Reveals: Jews Behind Morsi Coup!

I Knew It! ... I Knew It!
It Was The Damned Jooooz That Caused The Coup!
The Goddam Jooooz Are Behind All The Mischief IN The Land

Ra'ad Salah, an Arab with Israel citizenship, preached on Friday to Israeli Arabs that Israel was behind the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt Ra’ad Salah, head of the radical Islamic Moveent’s northern branch, incited Arabs with Israeli citizenship on Friday, telling them in no uncertain terms that Israel was behind the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi last month. 

In a speech marking the 44th anniversary of a crazed, Christian Australian’s attempt to burn down the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount in 1969, Salah blamed Israel for the attack and for the coup in Egypt. “The Israeli occupation stood behind the burning of the Al Aqsa mosque and it stands behind the destruction in Egypt,” he said in Kfar Kara, located less than 10 miles from the Mediterranean Coast, between Haifa and Tel Aviv. 

Learned Sheihk now warns celebrants of Religion of Piss that the Joooz want to "Break into the Temple Mount" and that pious Muslims should block the Joooz with their bodies.

Sheikh Raed Salah is at it again. The leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, who has previously called on Muslims to “liberate” Jerusalem and has preached against Israel in Be’er Sheva, called this weekend for Israeli Arabs to block Jewish access to the Temple Mount with their bodies.

Salah warned his listeners that Israel is planning to “break in” to the Temple Mount, on which the Al Aqsa mosque now stands.

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