Thursday, 29 August 2013

Norwegian Rape Epidemic Continues

A girl in her late teens was assaulted and raped in Oslo. Police believe the rapist picked out his victim in a grocery store.

Oslo police have arrested and charged a man in the early 30s for rape, said police superintendent Kari-Janne Lid, head of section for sexual crimes in the Oslo police.- The perpetrator was arrested Wednesday morning. 
The victim girl has the interrogation told the police that she had been a grocery store at Brobekk in Oslo just before she was assaulted and raped. 
 Investigators managed using video from a camera outside the store to tie the current husband of a car as he drove. Based on the registration number of the car we were able to quickly identify the man and he was called for within the police, saying Lid. Less than five days after the rape, the police arrested a suspect. - He was arrested Wednesday morning where he lives, says Lid. 
The accused man is also Norwegian citizen, but of foreign origin, police said. - The accused man is known by the police previously, even for similar conditions, says Lid. had previously been convicted but not for rape. - He has previously reviewed but not judged, for a similar relationship, a sexual offense against an unknown person. There is a case from 2010, which is dropped. 

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