Tuesday, 27 August 2013

OPERATION FIGHTBACK: Hate Preachers, Leaflets and Police Apathy

Britain First team braves Muslim area to leaflet Abu Izzadeen’s road!

Recently, I led a team of our activists in East London and leafleted the neighbours of vile Muslim extremist leader Abu Izzadeen.
This operation was part of ‘OPERATION FIGHTBACK!’ and rest assured, this is only the beginning!
Vile Izzadeen now has to live in a street where everyone knows his disgusting views and hatred of those around him.
izzadeen4The Britain First team braved a heavily populated Muslim stronghold
and took the truth to the residents of Brierley Road, Waltham Forest.
Our next move will be to return to the road and to keep up the pressure by exposing this hate monger at every turn, and we are also compiling a local petition that will then be presented to Waltham Forest Council demanding the withdrawal of his taxpayer funded council house.
If he hates us British that much, let him pay for a house of his own or preferably bugger off to Bongo Bongo Land!
If they choose to ignore the wishes of the local residents, we will simply re-double our efforts but we need YOU to help us in this fight!
Please watch the latest video update from East London, click below:

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