Sunday, 4 August 2013

UK: More Bucks For Terrorists!

British Sunday Times newspaper has revealed that a British charity is funding al-Qaeda-affiliated armed groups in Syria with money.
In an article published under the title "British aid charity in terror inquiry", that the British police are investigating a British charity "amid fears that extremists in the UK are channeling money to fighters in Syria who are backed by al-Qaeda."
According to the article, the police opened the inquiry after "seizing tens of thousands of pounds in cash at Dover from a group of Muslim men on their way to the Middle East."
The Sunday Times pointed out that those men were traveling as members of the charity called Aid Convoy, with one of its trustees is a British who was accused of involvement in the Madrid train bombing in 2004 which claimed 191 lives.
The paper added that most of the Aid Convoy's money was collected at British mosques in cooperation with a charity to "help" Syria.

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