Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Can-Ay-Jun Truckers Gonna Eem-Peach The Mother Trucker In Chief

The administrators of the group "Truckers To Shut Down America" told the Examiner that Facebook removed their page  temporarily because of an exchange they had with a user.
According to the group's founder, Zeeda Andrews, the user repeatedly harassed the members of the site, making bizarre comments about the truckers being arrested, along with other odd statements. Although the administrators attempted to block him on several occasions, the offensive user managed to return like all good trolls do.
So, one of the administrators made an unfortunate, albeit funny comment. The administrator said,
"You keep coming back like herpes."

Apparently, the comment played right into the hands of the evil troll, who quickly reported the comment to Facebook, effectively shutting down the page for a day. As this author is well aware through personal experience, being snarky is enough to get one booted from Facebook, as reported last month by Joe Newby of the Examiner.  more here

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