Friday, 27 September 2013

Child Rape: ... Just Another Day In The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan

... An eight-year-old was taken to a hospital in Toba Tek Singh after she was found lying unconscious in a field. 
... Doctors treating her said that she would likely survive. 
... They said they had yet to find out if she had been raped. 
... A suspect was arrested shortly afterwards.

Rajana police said the child, a resident of Chak, was picked up by a neighbour on her way home from a fair at the neighbourhood market. They said she was with another child, who ran away when the suspect approached them. Police said she was taken to a sugarcane field in the area, where she was allegedly raped. They said she had bruises on her body.  They said the child’s friend rushed to her home and informed her father, who they said, rushed to the point where she had been kidnapped from. He said he looked every where, but could not find her. He said he heard that a child had been found unconscious in the field and rushed to see if it was his daughter. He said he found her in a bad condition. She was unconscious and bruised. She was taken to a hospital.

 It is a fact few are willing to face, but each year hundreds - perhaps thousands - of children under 18 in Pakistan are raped or sodomized, and the situation is either getting worse or being more widely reported.

According to the Islamabad-based NGO Sahil, there were 3,861 child sexual abuse cases in 2012 - a 17 percent increase on the previous year. The data is drawn from NGOs monitoring the situation, child abuse helplines and Sahil’s own media monitoring.

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