Thursday, 12 September 2013

Death Sentence Plus Loss Of Political Rights ... for Life!

... Only In China!

Three suspected Islamic militants from China's Xinjiang province have been sentenced to death and another to 25 years in jail for a violent terrorist attack which killed 24 people in June this year. 

The Intermediate People's Court of the Turpan Prefecture, which administers Shanshan County, handed the death penalty to Ahmatniyaz Sidiq holding him guilty for organising, leading and participating in a terrorist organisation, homicide and arson. 

He was also deprived of political rights for life. 

The court also sentenced Urayim Eli and Abdulla Esrapil to death for their participation in the terrorist organisation and homicide. 

Another suspected militant Akram Usman was sentenced to 25 years in jail and was deprived of political rights for five years for his participation in the terrorist organisation, homicide and arson, state-run news agency Xinhua said.

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