Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Flat Earth Society ... Islam!

Published on Sep 3, 2013

Presenting a video description which starts with personal attacks and insults is never a good idea.
A person making videos like the Rationalizer has done, can never be embarrassing to anyone except himself, so the text is written out of hate and not rational thinking.
I don't know who the guy named here is and why he should appear here, but the uploader seems to think it is necessary.

My goodness! How primitive! How can one "abuse" the historical method, when it is just a structure, which the Rationalizer follows, presenting a problem-hypothesis-research-conclusion sequence.

I listened to 2 hours and 47 minutes of stupidity and over-the-top claims by a clown who claims he has studied all the way to a Ph.D. in whatever. All he is, however, is just an embarrassment to himself and the institutions he has visited.

Is he capable of "debunking" the Rationalizer? In short: no!

The alleged debunking video

The Rationalizer video on the flat Earth in Islam

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