Sunday, 1 September 2013

Obama ... Just Muscular Enough To Get Mocked!

One senior Obama aide told the L.A. Times that the military response was going to be “just muscular enough not to get mocked.”
Mocked by whom? Doesn’t that admission in itself incur mockery — the world realizing that the U.S. Pentagon, once the most feared institution in the world, is now just a PR tool for a community organizer president?
Obama is commander in chief; he is the president. But he is not the king. Article One of the U.S. Constitution grants the U.S. Congress the right “to declare war.” Obama neither sought their approval, nor that of the UN, where Russia and China would block any attack on Syria. Obama used to criticize George W. Bush, who had much more legislative approval for his wars.
So what is Obama’s rationale for lobbing a few cruise missiles? If it is because 300 civilians died, where was he for the last 100,000 Syrian casualties? If it is because Syria is a dictatorship, so is most of the Middle East, not to mention China itself. Is it because Syria has weapons of mass destruction? Other countries do, too. Is it because Assad’s opponents — the backbone of whom are al-Qaida jihadists — are more sympathetic to America? What is the purpose here, other than the 2014 congressional elections?
As Obama told PBS, it’s because Syria is “breaking international norms and standards of decency.”

That will make a nice TV ad. It’s a disastrous foreign policy.

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