Monday, 9 September 2013

Police: 300 Arrests, ... Mostly "Ain't I A Fascist"

Channel 4 News With a bit of Twitter Commentary from Tommy 
EDL leader "Tommy Robinson" is among the 300 arrested after an English Defence League march in east London. The vast majority apprehended were anti-fascist counter demonstrators, police said.

  1. It is this part of my speech that I have been charged with incitement for! is anyone else really confused

A police spokesman said on Sunday night that a total of 300 people had been arrested - a figure revised up from the 160 arrests announced on Saturday night. The vast majority were from the anti-fascist counter-demonstration, including from the Unite Against Fascism group.

Fourteen, mainly from the EDL were arrested during the day for violent disorder, possession of knives and fireworks. 286 people were arrested for breaching the conditions set on the march.

The EDL leader, known as Tommy Robinson, was also arrested and charged on two counts under the public order act, including one for inciting others to break the conditions set for the protest.

Around 500 EDL members were on the march on Saturday afternoon - less than the 2,000 anticipated - and they were outnumbered by thousands of counter-demonstrators from various factions.

The Edl march went the full length of tower bridge. What a feeling walking over that bridge , media report 500?

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