Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tommy Gets Arrested Again!

Published on Sep 7, 2013

Hundreds of English Defence League (EDL) supporters took to the streets of London Saturday, where they were met with a strong counter-demonstration by the local predominately Bengali community, Unite Against Fascism and other groups including English Disco Lovers, a play on the EDL acronym. A number of protesters were arrested by police, including EDL head Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who uses and is generally known under the pseudonym Tommy Robinson.

The EDL originally intended to march through Tower Hamlets, a multicultural borough of London where the East London Mosque is located. Due to a history of violence at EDL demonstrations, however, the Metropolitan Police Service announced this week that the march would need to be redirected.

The EDL leader Robinson was arrested for allegedly breaching the conditions of his bail. He has been convicted of a number of crimes in the past, including assault, conspiracy to commit fraud, and breaching bail.

The EDL is a group created and financed by Mossad! Similar groups have been created across the western world. Hatred towards Islam means support for the State of Israel (The Holy Land). Mark my words we will one day read how Mossad supported the EDL movement.Reply · 
Who do you think is supporting Tommy Robinson? Who has the finances to support the EDL movement? Who really benefits from spreading hatred between communities in the UK? Why are Israeli flags within EDL marches? If you stand back and observe and analysis all this points to Mossad and Israel. A lot of these men part of the EDL think they are speaking against Islam because they are protecting their way of life because they are given this false picture! But these men don't know the real purpose

and we are supposed to be fascist, how ironic.

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