Friday, 27 September 2013

Trained In Britain, you say. ... Pity

Did the British military train the gunmen who led Nairobi mall massacre? Muslim convert shot dead by Kenyan troops may have been mentored by UK special forces

  • Man, known only as Omar, is one of two Muslim converts who took part in attack 
  • Anti-terror officers are looking into records of ex-Kenyan special forces soldiers who received training from Britain 
  • Kenyan police and National Intelligence in dispute amid claims agents warned superiors of attack but were ignored
The suspected leader of the Nairobi mall massacre may have been trained by the British military, it was claimed yesterday.
The Muslim convert known as Omar was killed at the end of the four-day Westgate siege by police and his former comrades in the Kenyan special forces.
Anti-terror officers are looking into the records of special forces soldiers who left the Kenyan army around 2005 – and those who received specialist training from the British.

‘The UK military have worked extensively with Kenyan forces, providing expertise and help,’ an official in Nairobi said.

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